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Stachler Law is a professional law firm that provides legal advice and counsel to its clients, in all areas of practice and specifically in helping negotiate debt for a fraction of the balance.  The debt settlement/debt relief industry is riddled with non-lawyers who offer to help settle your debts.  Stachler Law is distinguishable; as a law firm, creditors want to work with us to help resolve your debt, and if a lawsuit cannot be avoided, we are with you every step of the way to help represent you in the litigation and continue to secure a settlement in your best interest.


Debt settlement/debt relief companies are for-profit businesses; they are not lawyers, thus both the service and result can be limited.  You will not receive legal advice (since non-attorneys are prohibited from providing legal advice) and debt settlement/debt relief businesses are financially vested in the outcome they procure for you (as they often charge a percentage of canceled debt or settled debt as their fees.)

In the State of North Carolina, most major creditors refuse to negotiate with a non-lawyer who attempts to settle debts for another.  This is not the sort of roadblock that we at Stachler Law ever encounter.  As your lawyer, I can work with any creditor.  And,  I can provide you with sound and qualified legal advice throughout the process, including when we review settlement terms and documents together.

Further, non-lawyer debt settlement/debt relief companies are completely unable to help once a lawsuit has been filed.  When you reach out to Stachler Law for help with a debt, we make every effort to settle the debt before a lawsuit is filed. However, creditors continue to be litigious.  If you are sued by a creditor,  Stachler Law can and will represent you. And, we will continue to work towards a settlement you can afford, to seek a resolution before judgment is entered.


We are committed to being with you on your debt-free journey, every step of the way. We are able to work with and understand your unique personal and financial circumstances. Our goal is always debt resolution and settlement, and avoidance of judgment.  There are certain circumstances where entry of a judgment may be necessary in connection with a settlement.

Non-lawyer debt settlement firms are unable to help once a lawsuit has been filed.  They cannot provide you with advice, represent you in court, or negotiate with the creditor or creditor's counsel.

They can’t defend the client in court against the creditor because they are not lawyers and often the creditor’s lawyers will not speak with anyone with the debt settlement company regarding settlement for the same reason.  Debt settlement/debt relief companies charge enrollment fees and settlement fees; these fees are incurred regardless of performance and regardless of whether you complete the terms of settlement.  Stachler Law is here to provide affordable, low cost flat fee services in assisting you with addressing your debt; if you are not able to afford upfront payments (normally a requirement of our flat fee services), we commit to working with you to set up a payment plan. Our quality of representation and rate of success does not depend on your ability to pay.  Our low, affordable fees allow you the best representation and results, giving you true value as you work towards debt relief.  We do not seek to take money from your already-limited resources; we charge  you the same rate whether we obtain a settlement at a rate of 30% or 75%.  Savings you receive from a discounted settlement should innure to your benefit (whether it is monetary or conceptual).  In every instance, our legal fees will be lower than fees calculated based on your debt.

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