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For any individual or small business considering debt settlement as a way to reduce and resolve debt, the threshold question is: should I seek professional help?

Unless you have the time, patience and perseverance, plus knowledge of how the debt industry functions along how creditors make their nuanced rules, attempting settlement on your own is usually a frustrating process with results that more often than, do not correspond with your ability to pay. Your creditors are skilled in collecting debt, and in negotiations, and in trying to recover as much of what is owed to them as possible. They have industry professionals on their side, and you should too.


Having an attorney who will advocate for you, who knows the distinct characteristics of each creditor, will assure you receive the best result possible. At Stachler Law, our experience and knowledge allows us to  negotiate a settlement that is more advantageous to you.  Plus, if you are sued by your creditor to recover a debt, we can represent you and continue to work to settle the debt on favorable terms. In the fast pace of negotiations, a layperson might accept an offer that is too high or reject one that is on the brink of a lawsuit; with Stachler Law working for you, we will help you avoid the pitfalls in debt negotiation and settlement.

Debt settlement/debt relief companies are not regulated by the North Carolina State Bar like lawyers. While it appears simple to enroll with such companies, there are no protections in place for you when things go wrong.  Such companies have a financial incentive to encourage you to accept less than optimal settlements because federal law prohibits them to take a fee until a settlement is made. Ultimately,  they often cost their clients more in fees and settlements. Your goal should be lower settlements and low fees, with the highest quality of representation.


Work with Stachler Law, your local debt settlement law firm.  We make sure cost is not a factor prohibiting you from seeking our professional help. Contact us to discuss our low, flat fee rates.

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